probleme mit Humax Icord-draaibare spiegel

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    • probleme mit Humax Icord-draaibare spiegel

      Dear sir, madamI’ve got a problem with a Humax Product. I have a Humax Icord satellite receiver. Once in a while the receiver “forgets” to remember a satellite position. The receiver has especially problems with the Astra 19.2 satellite. When I am watching a programme at a different satellite and want to tune in to the Astra 19.2, the receiver refuses to turn to the Astra 19.2. Sometimes, when I tune in to an other satellite and then to the Astra 19.2, it will do the job. It seems if the Humax Icord software doesn’t recognize the Astra 19.2. The software on my system has version 1.0019. I also already replaced the engine. Could you please help me with this problem?Yours sincerely,W.J.M. Welgraven.