[English] iCord HD+ Channels Pixelating

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    • [English] iCord HD+ Channels Pixelating


      Forgive me for writing in English. This is the only place I have managed to find any credible information on the iCord HD+.

      I have an iCord HD+ which I purchased here in Doha a while ago.
      I am using Hotbird, as Astra isn't available here.

      A recent issue has come up with the Polish HD channels on HotBird. The picture is pixelating horribly, and the content is unwatchable. I suspect some sort of copy protection?
      I thought I would try updating my firmware, but am unable to find a way to do so.

      Here's some info of my receiver.

      Software ver MHSIAA 1.00.02
      CI+ version 1.00.00
      Update Date 12 March 2011

      I am not even sure if a firmware update will fix my issue.
      So any advice will be greatly appreciated.

      Kind Regards,

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    • Hanabi wrote:

      Forgive me for writing in English

      Hi Hanabi,

      no problem - german is definitly the main language of this community but we explicitly offer english and spanish discussions. :05:

      Re your problem: The iCord HD+ is outdated already but to be honest I do not believe that you have a firmware problem with the receiver. So:
      • Do the SD channels of the same broadcast station work?
      • Whats about HD channels from other broadcast stations?
      • Do you use the built in Card Reader or do you use another CAM for your Smartcard (Smartcard is needed?)?
      Best Regards
      Nie mehr ohne meine Pronto...
    • Hi

      One of the main reasons I purchased the iCord HD+ is because it would take my SmartCard which I got from Poland. So I slot in another CAM for my SmartCard.

      I have another receiver (not HUMAX) which plays the HD channels without pixelation, but the audio will start running away from the video over time. It would desynchronize.

      Up until now, I have been viewing the SD variant of the Polish channels, as there's an SD and HD variant of each of the channels. The SD used MPEG2 encoding, however, an announcement was made that the SD channels will now use MPEG4 encoding, just like the HD channels do. So there might be a high probability that the SD channels will fall away completely at some stage. There's also the issue that the SD channels might start pixelating once they perform the switch to MPEG4.

      So I tried the Polish HD channels and I came across this issue. Other non-Polish HD channels are fine, no pixelation. It's only the Polish HD channels that seem to have this issue. I was assuming it might be an encoding issue, which is why I am looking for a newer firmware version that may have updated codecs.

      Many thanks
    • One more thing I forgot to add.

      The card I am using uses SECA, which the internal card reader does not recognize. All the receivers I have come across here in Doha support either Nagravision, Conax and/or IRData. The HD+ has a PCMCIA slot which allows me to connect an ASTON CRYPT module with my SmartCard in it.
    • Hanabi wrote:

      I have another receiver (not HUMAX) which plays the HD channels without pixelation, but the audio will start running away from the video over time.

      I think you use the same CAM in the other receiver? I do not know this CAM but it sounds to me that there is a kind of incompatibilit from HD+ to that CAM. Maybe you can check whether there is an update available for that CAM or "play around" a bit with the CAM settings. Not sure that this helps but worth to try...

      Best Regards
      Nie mehr ohne meine Pronto...