RootFS and Channel/Bouquet editor?

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    • RootFS and Channel/Bouquet editor?

      I had an enigma, then a Enigma-clone ... and today I got an iCord HD from a friend ;)
      I saw there is a new firmware so I upgraded.

      Here I see there is a newer update? With RootFS? I searched but found nothing: can someone tell me what this does?

      I tried to export the channels to USB but not sure is there a program to edit them on a Mac (or PC is absolutely necessary).
      A more elegant manner would be to edit via ftp. Does Humax/iCord have a channel/Bouquet editor?

      I am new to this product, so if there is any other useful infos it would be very appreciated.


      PS ok to answer in ENG/GER/FRE