How to use the 4 tuner

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    • How to use the 4 tuner

      Hi, I'm also new here & have also just purchased an iCord evolution HMS-1000s. The box & the manual state it has 4 tuners that can record simultaneously but with only 2 inputs how am I supposed to set this up? What hardware?

      I don't expect a DiSeqc to be the answer as that wouldn't allow 4 recordings at once? or would it?

    • Hi DTM-fan,

      Welcome! I moved your posts to this area which is the correct place for Evolution related questions.

      Regarding your question: Yes - the best way to have advantage of all four tuners is to use SCD. Anyhow: Also with commen two or even one cable solution you can have advantage of all four tuners, because the tuners are connected internally. So you could e.g. have access to four different transponders even with just having common one cable solution. But in this case the transponders have to be on one satellite level. So the kind of solution you can influence the number of usable satellite levels. One for common one cable, two for two cable and four for SCD

      Best Regards
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    • Hi, thank you for your reply. I have a further question as I don't quite understand the last part of your answer: - I have 2 LNB's on my dish (Astra & Hotbird), my first SCD LNB will be used for Astra and will be connected to LNB input 1, can I use a second SCD LNB (for Hotbird) and connect that to LNB input 2?

      Will the iCord be able to switch between the 2 LNB's (as if using a DiSeqc switch with 2 standard LNB's)?

      Thank you