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    • Good morning to all forum members.

      I have the iCord Evolution as successor to my old humax Foxsat HDR here in London,

      Very different machine and still struggling with some aspects of set-up for two cable, so I hope to learn from other users.

    • Hi Gerard,

      welcome! I hope you will get your information needed here at our forum. We just build up our english speaking content so do not hesitate to ask your questions. By the way - do you know whether Evolution is a common device in GB? Anyhow - I think I should to build a multilanguage version of our Evolution tool "REvoluzzer"

      Best Regards
      Nie mehr ohne meine Pronto...
    • Hi Duddits,

      Thank you for your welcome words. Have installed REvoluzzer and Omega running on Apple OS 10.10.2 using Parallels and W7. Works flawless, I am originally from The Netherlands so I can manage with German.
      I am not so sure about the Evolution being so common here, my old Humax Foxsart HDR was really intended for FreeSat but with help of 'secret remote code' could be used quite well I found it more error prone watching Dutch Encrypted TV, die Evolution is much better but I found it also lacks some handy features.
      I am still struggling with 2 cable set-up the set-up assistent will only sate one cable found so at present I am using it DiSeq mode with 3 satellites Astra 19, 23.5 and 28.5.
      Being able to edit the channel list is great!
      Humax apps for iOS are waste of time>
      Hope to learn more tips 7 tricks