De-Flagging HD files so it will not show Enc

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    • De-Flagging HD files so it will not show Enc


      I own a Humax iCord HD+ receiver and I just discuoverd that my HD recordings is encrypted and can only be played using the SAME receiver.

      I've been searching for any means to decrypt the files and it seems there is no possible way to do so directly through the PC. I've stumbled into the topic of Foxy and the genius way of how it can trick the receiver (T2) to decode the files for you. Only problem is, my receiver is iCordHD+ and foxy will not work with its .hmt files.

      Is there a way to have foxy work with my files? or alternatively, if you would be so kind and just tell me what are the fields that I need to edit using a Hex editor so I can de-flag the encrypt files?

      Thanks very much.
    • Hi,

      I do not know any solution for iCord HD+ recordings. For newer receiver with streaming capability you can use DLNA clients to get an uncrypted copy. But I think it would be very interesting to find a solution for HD+ recordings!

      Best Regards

      P.S.: Will move topic to correct area
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