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    • Empty Channel List


      I am a new owner of an Icord HD+ and use it to watch and record German TV. The normal channel list (accessed by the List button on the remote) is fully and correctly populated. However when I go into the channel list via MENU-Settings-Edit Channels-Edit Channel List, to edit multiple channels, the list is completely blank. The Edit Preferred and Edit Favourite Lists are populated! Can anyone offer advice on the problem. Thanks in anticipation.
    • Hi Berika,

      welcome to the right forum for your receiver!

      In the German localization the menu point is called something like "edit additional channels", accessible via entering the PIN number.
      Then all the channels appear from memory place 1800 on.
      Sorry, I've no idea, if it should be different at your's.

      Or, do you expect to find any additional channels there?

      In that case, you've to add an additional satellite,


    • I managed to populate the Edit Channels List by doing a fresh channel search. Odd as all the channels were always available. I have noticed that you cannot delete every channel, there is obviously a preset list of standard channels. The best I can do is use the Preferred List to ensure the channels I watch are at the beginning of the channel list.
    • Basically it's not the best idea to use the low-count channels, as Humax is rumoring around there, especially when using a HD+ smart card.
      I've added high-count channels (3rd or 4th time count) to my favorites.
      If you really shouldn't see any what above 1800, you may use those above 1000.

      On the other hand, I fear, I haven't really caught your problem,