cannot switch it on

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    • cannot switch it on

      Won't turn on at all. Get a blue light if I turn it off and then on with the switch at the back, but remote control has no effect on it and the button at the front is doing nothing. It will not turn it off. Only the button at the back allows it to be turned off and then on again. It makes the usual noise - fan noise I guess but that's all.

      Perhaps managed to turn it on once with remote, but nothing happening.

      Nothing on screen at all. Nothing in the panel to the front of the box. Only thing I can get is a blue light.

      Before this happened (a week ago) the box was working but needed a lot of time to turn on.

      I've had the iCord for six years or more - it's always been a bit funny like freezing on certain channels, or turning itself on and then off again without any help from us. But looks like it's completely gone now? Any ideas?
    • Hi Duddits,
      Are you referring to the Freesat PVR that I bought - yes, it's for the UK? Setting it up took a few minutes, it took longer to get it out of the box that to set it up! You basically just input a UK postcode and then everything is good to go. A bit annoying because the channels are ordered in a way I don't like starting at #101 and it's kind of "hard coded" - not sure if you can watch a channel such as RECORD (a Brazilian channel) which is on the satellite but not part of "Freesat". I did not really fully explore the possibilities yet - just got it yesterday.
      It's especially for my two-year old, and so far it's recording "postman pat" and the stuff he likes with no problem. Very very simple to use. EPG is for a week and it offers to record the series rather than just one episode - but how will it handle time changes - I'm not sure.
      It cost 200 GBPs. So far ok, but it's not even here 24 hrs. yet!

      I am tempted to have a go at repairing the iCord box at some point - it was quite good despite the EPG problems, and some weird behavior from time to time as I mentioned above. I had it set up logically the way I wanted (1 BBC1, 2 BBC2, 3BBC3 etc...). I'd be interested to hear how people got on with the repair procedure at…-elkos-erneuern. I'll have to translate if first - don't have a word of German!

      Best regards,
    • Just to complete the story - got the iCord repaired yesterday. Took me ages to find anybody willing to do it - a lot of people said that it's too much hassle for too little money. Bought the seven capacitors (if that's the right word) as per the wiki (cost 9.50 euros) and the repair work cost 30 (he said he had to replace two other things as well as the seven capacitors). It's ok again today!
      Thanks for the wiki.
    • Don't know, if "capacitors" ist the right word ! Most important is, that your iCord is running now ! I Think, that 39,50 € is OK ?

      You're very welcome, :smilieop006rz1: Don't count the years or ages you've spent, when you use HUMAX :biggrin: :48: :19:

      Be happy that you have found our iCordForum :gut: :gut: :gut: