Record directly on removal 2.5" disk

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    • Record directly on removal 2.5" disk

      Hello, I apologize for not writing in German, although I am somehow able to understand comments and replies written in German. I just bought an iCord Evolution and am trying to figure out its use as a PVR. For many years, I have been using Topfield sat receivers (5000, 5500, 6000 and 7700) to record FTA broadcasts (mostly radio) to be transferred and edited on my PC. Please note that transfer to and edit on a PC is a crucial task for me. With iCord Evolution things seem to be more complicated. Could you help me with a few information (English is easier for me but, as I said, I may manage written German (thanks to Google)):
      1) is it possible to record directly onto the removable 2.5" hard disk instead of using the internal HDD? This would solve my problems allowing me to transfer recordings through the removable HDD.
      2) alternativel, is it possible to connect to the iCord Evo and transfer recorded files by FTP?
      3) I noted that file size is much much larger than that I was used to on the Topfield. For example, an 1-hr FTA radio broadcast (Bayern 4 Klassik) takes 1.8-2 GB on the Evo vs. 700-800 MB on the Topfield. Is there any reason for that?
      Thank you for your help. Best.