Firmware to Humax iCord HD+

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    • Hi krisch80,

      welcome to the right forum for your receiver!

      Try: Menu -> Settings -> Installation -> Software-Update -> manual Update and choose your satellite

      If your iCord HD+ is connected to the internet via LAN:
      Go to: TV Portal -> TV Apps -> SWUpdate (Software Update)

      If that doesn't work, you have to add the receiver to your next flight luggage :cheesy:


    • Thanks everrest, I tried both ways, but still I can't update the receiver.
      What are the correct parameters in "manual update" method (OTA) ? If I remember correctly, I have Hot Bird 13 E, 12604 V SR: 22000, FEC 5/6 (I have monoblock to HB 13E and Astra 19,2E)
      Also I've tried update via LAN using "Humax TV Portal" but, I don't know why, I can't connect with this portal ( I connected the network using DHCP- - receiver request IP addresses, gate and the other parameters.
      Maybe someone have the file with software to update via USB stick ? I will be grateful for any help
    • You're welcome,

      as HUMAX has no open ear (port) for binaries, you cannot update via USB, http, ftp etc.
      That's the main reason, why you cannot find any F/W on the inet.

      For an OTA update try: sat=ASTRA1(19.2E) freq=12604 pol=hor. sr=22000 and fec=5/6

      If INET update doesn't work, while any portal app does, I fear, you've waited much too long. :wut:

      b.t.w.: How did you manage to skip the auto-update for so long (ever been on hotbird)?

    • Thanks for the right OTA parameters but still "no new software found". My client have bought this receiver in Germany and now he's trying to use this box in Poland- maybe this is the reason why I can't connect to Humax TV Portal, or update by OTA. In spite of all thank you very very much for your help :danke:
    • Hi krisch80,

      if you really could establish an inet connection and got a signal from ASTRA 19E2 and both ways show "no new software found" it seems, that HUMAX has end-of-lifed update support for the HD+.

      Perhaps a mod. of this board is able to validate that?

      In that case your location is irrelevant and it makes no sense to add the receiver to any vacation luggage. :05:

      Pozdrowienia z Niemiec,