[ENGLISH] Humax iCord HD+

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    • [ENGLISH] Humax iCord HD+

      Hello iCordForum users,

      Couple of days ago I bought Humax iCord HD+ and right now I kind of regret it. I was searching all the internet about iCord firmware update so I could have more functionality and it linked me to your site.

      Seems like this is a German web-site, sorry for typing on English, I don't know German :)

      Is there any guide, manual how to make my iCord more functional: Like installing VLC-player etc. XXX I couldn't find any information regarding that, if you could help me - I will be really glad

      With Regards,

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    • This means the older Humax Icord HD (without +). On these Icord you can install other small programmes to have Special Features. All this programmes are included in the Miniroot Cortex which is produced by our technic-team.

      But these programmes cannot install on the Icord HD+, because this Receiver has a special safed firmware for the HD+ programmes from Astra.



      PS. I hope you understood my Little excursions in english! :gruebel: