Last software update for ICORD mini over a year ago ?

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    • Hi alexman,

      to upload the Pictures: when posting, click the 2nd tab next to the "smiley-tab" below your text,
      choose a file, upload it, finish the post like every other.

      i added a file, that explains it.

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    • Thanks for that, I will now repost with the images. I do not know how to edit a previous post.
      This is my current system information:

      When I go to manual update it displays the following@

      When I press ok, it dispalys

      After a minute or so, it displays

      Is there something I am doing wrong?

      Getting back to the software update, is there something I am doing wrong?
    • Round an round and round.... "please don´t go back to start, we have finished with enough data already" !

      That´s exactly what he tried first with the Internet Portal-Update... didn´t work ! Then he got told to try by OTA-Update via 19.2 .... didn´t work too.... and now back to "update via Internet" ?

      I see that 2 update-ways didn´t work, he tried both without success .... => Receiver needs an Service.
    • Oh Holy God, I am a believer!! :19:

      The software updated today to version 1.00.16 via OTA manual update. I think the icord mini needs to be connected to Astra 19,2 degrees ALL THE TIME for it to eventually update the software.

      Software version 1.00.24 coming out this week?
    • gokkelchen wrote:

      Habe so eben mit einem netten und eventuell kompetenten Mitarbeiter von der Neugeräte - Hotline (Technische Hotline ohne Garantie 0900) gesprochen. Die Software 1.00.24 ist gestern via Astra wieder zurück genommen worden. Gräte die das Update begonnen haben hängen jetzt in der Endlosschleife, weil 1.00.24 nicht mehr vorhanden ist. Rat vom Mitarbeiter, Netzstecker ziehen und bis morgen ca. 12:00 Uhr warten. Dann soll eine lauffähige Version verfügbar sein. Netzstecker rein, dann sollte das Update problemlos laufen.
      Ich werde die Hoffnung nicht aufgeben.

      This says a Humax-Worker told that the Software comes OTA on 23.5.13 , 12.00 AM .... did you see it ?