ICord HD + Hangs

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    • anetteunddirk wrote:

      May you tell me, how old is your ICord ? Do you have that problem since last update ?

      greets, anetteunddirk

      my Icord HD+ is less than one year old and the last update time was since 2 months ,when it starts before it was showing 3.1 in the bottom of Humax startup screen

      Regards Aiman Farouk

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    • Sorry for my late answer...you may try the following discription which has helped often with german systems:

      -Power off the ICord

      -Put out the satellite-cable at the backside of the ICord

      -Start the system without the satellite-cable

      Of course you have now no signal on the TV, but possibly the ICord has started normally. In case of this, you have to power off the system again, put in the satellite-cable and start the ICord.

      Do you have sucsess ??

      Best regards, anetteunddirk (written without google-translator, and we hope, you can understand it.... :gruebel: )