What is the difference between Icord HD and Icord HD+

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    • What is the difference between Icord HD and Icord HD+


      I am new to the forum.
      I live in UK and I want to watch English, German and Polish channels.
      I have got now everthing ready in terms of diseqs, lnbs aligments to all necessary satellites etc.
      I want to watch free Uk channels, Polisch decrypted ones using card and cam for one of polish platforms and possibly on top of free german, Hd+ using cam and HD+ card.
      Can somebody advise a topic on the forum where I can check which Icord to buy, is it Icord HD or HD+, what are the diferences, which is better.
      I understand german quite well so you can write answers in german as my father is half german :biggrin:
      What are positives of each one, what are negatives.
      If I buy Icord HD+ can I still set up everything to watch polish and english ones ot it is somehow branded for german SKY?
      I have got Humax HDR now but it has got a Freesat branded software with annoying way of switching between freesat and non freesat platform.
      I am thinking to buy Icord during my trip to germany soon.
      But I need to know which one... :danke:
    • Also, dann brauchst du den iCord HD.
      Nur dieser hat zwei CI Schächte.
      Du brauchst diese da du ja zwei Module einsetzen müsst,
      eines für die polnischen Sender und eines für die HD+ Sender.
      Eine HD+ Karte bekommst du aber nicht so einfach nach UK,
      Die werden nur inerhalb DE versendet.
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    • Thank you, I can ask my family in Munchen to buy HD+ cam for me and send to UK.
      Or I can do it in Germany soon.
      Last few questions: does Icord HD will work with black cam+?
      I know it can work with normal white HD cams but what with black HD+?
      Black won't work or they will work but with limited funcionality (no recording)?

      On top of it correct me if I am wrong but on HD+ website there is info they don't sell white and they are discountinued?
      So I have to buy white cam on german ebay?
    • Hi from Belgium,

      With your freesat reciever now u probably have a full 8 day epg on the english channels, and bbc interactive; the iCord is a great machine to my short experience but the iCord will not have that.
      If that is important to you, you might xwant to use both recievers in the future, the freesat reciever for astra 2 and the icord for the others.

      I am currently investigating the same things, i now own a iCord and a Freesat reciever, the freesat reciever is much better on the english channels but i don't know yet how it will behave on astra 1 and 3, i don't have those lnb's set up yet.

      Anyway, don't know if it's helpfull but i thought i'd share it.