Humax iCord HD+ (HD Plus) – EPG and FTP-Transfer questions.

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    • Humax iCord HD+ (HD Plus) – EPG and FTP-Transfer questions.

      I recently bought a Humax iCord HD+ (HD Plus) for use in Germany to receive UK and German
      channels from the Astra satellites 1 & 2 at 19E and 28.2E. Attached to a DiSeCQ it is a great bit
      of kit that does almost everything I want it to.

      However, I have the following, fairly specific, questions and was hoping someone here
      could help me.

      1. Is it possible to transfer files TO the Humax HD+ over the network (as is possible
      with the iCord HD and the Humax HDR)?
      Perhaps via FTP or SMB? I can transfer files via USB but this is a pain in the ass. I can download recorded files from the
      Humax HD+ to my mac using XBMC, but not the other way round. Is it possible? If so, how?

      2. Is it possible to somehow receive the tvtv EPG data for British channels on Astra 2,
      28.2E (either OTA or via internet)? I’m in Germany and the German tvtv EPG works great. Is there any way to
      get the British one working too? Currently I only have now & next info for the UK channels.

      3. Export / Import channel list. This doesn’t appear to be possible any more – is there any way round this for the
      HD+, like on the Humax HDR? It appears that it was possible in an earlier firmware version - why would Humax
      disable this option?

      Many thanks,
    • 1.No it is not possible.

      2.TVTV is available only for some TV channels.
      Because the iCord HD + is designed for the German market, which are only a few German-language TV channels.

      3.This function was removed because Humax uses LCN.
      LCN = Logical Channel Numbering
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    • Many thanks for the prompt reply Sägewerker.

      1. Thats a real shame about FTP. Perhaps it will be possible one day following a firmware crack.

      2. I get good TVTV EPG reception OTA for the german channels. I understand the iCord HD+ is primarily for the German market, but its a shame the TVTV EPG doesn't work so well for the UK channels as well.

      3. Ok. The LCN is not that logical though. The German channels are, but after that it appears to be ordered in the order in which they were found during the search process.

    • I've just installed the MiniRootFS (great work by the way chaps) and found the TVTV schedules seem to liive in /mnt/hd2/TVTV directory. I've also found the XMLTV program that downloads EPG data from the Radio Times web site and generates XML files. I'm just missing the step of converting the XMLTV XML files into ones compatable with the HUMAX. HAs anyone tried (and succeeded) in doing this?