List for ideas of improvement

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  • List for ideas of improvement

    ipoto has established a list for ideas of improvement for the iCord. He amends this list periodical. There is also a Bug-List available, which has been translated already. I will try to keep this translated list up-to-date. Nevertheless there will be a time gap between amendments in the german list and this list.

    Also the links to the threads regarding the ideas are part of this list. But these threads are german and will not be translated.

    Ideas of Improvement, Date: 15.03.2008, 16.45:
    1. Activating LAN-Interface. Klick--->
    2. Setting for disabling timeshift. Klick--->
    3. Improving quality of SD-picture. Klick---> & Klick--->
    4. Enabling/Disabling Volume Control in Settings Klick--->
    5. Screen saver TV and radio. Klick--->
    6. Channel Editor for maintaining Channel Lists on PC. Klick--->
    7. Discreet Remote-Codes for Power On, radio and TV. Klick--->
    8. Basic edit funcionality (esp. cutting) for recordings. Klick--->
    9. Active, temperature-sensitive, fan-control. Klick--->
    10. More options in recording menue and EPG. Klick--->
    11. Combined playback of jpg and radio/MP3. Klick--->
    12. Descrambling of recordings in batch at self defined time. Klick--->
    13. Filesize is shown in media aspect. Klick--->
    14. Definable setting, which is used as default for recording pre- and post-carriage. Klick--->
    15. Possibility to define recording title even at planning.
    16. WWW-Interface. Klick--->
    17. DivX-Play-Back. Klick--->
    18. Automized Chaptering as background operation. Klick--->
    19. Backup of files with each size to external device
    20. File-Information for recordings in media aspect via i-Key. Klick--->
    21. Convert time-shifted recording to a regular recording. Klick--->
    22. More differentiable colours in menues. Klick--->
    23. Copying to external devices as background operation. Klick--->
    24. Seperated folder for sub-groups TV and Radio. Klick--->
    25. Optional display of time. Klick--->
    26. Device orientated Humax-Newletter. Klick--->
    27. CEC / Anynet+ Ability/Compability. Klick--->
    28. More functions for mp3-player. Klick--->
    29. Independent and parallel usage of both tuner in case of motor dishes (Diseqc 1.2). Klick--->
    30. Selection/recording the Premiere subchannels via EPG. Klick--->
    31. Option to enable manual operated setting of time and date. Klick--->
    32. Copying of folders including all contained files. Klick--->
    33. "Remember" last media directory. Klick--->
    Nie mehr ohne meine Pronto...