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  1. General

    The registration and use of this forum is completely free for you. You have to agree with the rules mentioned below. This is done by finalizing the registration or any other use of this website.

    Enjoy your stay at iCord Forum!

  2. Privacy and Security

    By usage or registration at this Forum User agrees to privacy polica of this site. This agreement can be revoked at any time but will leed to deletion of the user accout for this Forum.

    Administrators and operators take precautionary measure (e.g. security updates) to prevent leaking of data by third persons. If this should happen even so, they do not take any liability or responsibility.

  3. Posts

    Even though administrators and moderators from iCord Forum try to delete or edit all the unwanted posts, it is impossible for them to check all the posts. All the posts express the opinion of the author, the owners of iCord Forum and WoltLab GmbH (the developers of Burning Board) cannot be held responsible for the content of those posts.

    By registering, you agree to the terms of use and agree not to post messages that are vulgar, impolite, disrespectful or that express (extreme) political views or (verbal) law offences.

    By writing a post you give the forum owner the temporal and geographical unlimeted and free right to use this post. This right also remains after cancellation of membership.

    Additionally, the Administrators and Moderators of this board can edit or even delete posts for any reason.

  4. Files

    An upload of files is possible as attachments in posts or conversations or in Download-Area "Filebase". It is forbidden to upload files with maleware (Virus, Trojan etc.), files which are used for bypassing copyright preventions or files with copyright protected content without authors allowance.

    By file upload you give the forum owner the temporal and geographical unlimeted and free right to use this file. This right also remains after cancellation of membership.

    There is no liability by Board Owner for damages, which results by installation or usage of downloaded files.

  5. Conversations

    A message system for "private communication" user to user is available at this site. These messages are not supervised. Anyhow it is not allowed to use this system for offensive or criminal statements. If you receive such a message you have to forward it to an administrator immediatly and must not delete it from your inbox until you get such advise.

  6. Newsletter

    The iCordForum send in case of relevant news regardng iCordForum or supported devices information a newsletter via email. The user can select newsletter in his pofile settings. Addionally a link to this profile settings is included in this emails.

    Requests for changing this settings via email, telephone or any other way can only be maintained by deleting the user account.

  7. Rules for the "Market Place"

    On this website publishing of offers and requests for goods are allowed in board wth name "Market Place" only.

    Only private offers and searches are allowd. Commercial offers will be deleted without further notice and user will be warned or blocked out.

    1. Exclusion of Liability

      iCordForum Owner do assume no liability for any sales transactions. The sales transactions are transactions between private persons without any guarantee or liablity of HUMAX IP Forum Owner.

    2. Excluded Products

      The entry of offers or searches of articles which contents are relvant for protection of minors or articels which give access to such are not allowed and leads to blocking of the user account as soon as the administration recognize this fact. This applies also to articles which are forbidden or restricted in Germany.

  8. Account Cancellation

    The owner of HumaxIPForum.de can delete user accounts at any time without any statement. Usually this happens because of serious violation of Terms of Use.

    If the user wants to cancel her/his account, (s)he do this with the designated function in profile. To prevent cancellation by accident final cancellation will be done some days after automatically.

    Posts will not be deleted when account is deleted (neither automatically nor on demand).

(Last update: May 24th 2018, 9:05am)