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  • Hi, I would appreciate any ideas on the above? Facts:- Receiver is the old Icord HD. Current software GLXSCI 10039 28 Nov 2013!! CoAx Labgear PF 100 25 metre run receiver to postioner no joins. (New cable) I have 2 DisecQ positioners the other being the…
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    Now follows roger2009.

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    Replied to the thread Channel Editor for IcordHD+ !!.

    Quote from ashik200: “Hi friends anyone got channel editor for the qdf File ? Please help my system info: model name: iCordHD+/MEsoftware version: MHSIAA1.02.02 CI+ Version: 1.00.00system ID: 809C.3000 update date: 11 JUN 2012 MICOM Version:…